Over the past decade, St. Louis City has seen crime spikes in record numbers. Resources for the underserved are limited, school systems have struggled, employment opportunities are scarce, vacancy and crime are on the rise and voting numbers are down.  St. Louis City’s 4th Ward faces all of these problems, and I have several plans to reverse this downward trend. That’s why I’m running for Alderman of St. Louis City’s 4th Ward. 


 Having worked in the state legislature, St Louis City government, and having consulted numerous elected officials, both State and local, I have a comprehensive understanding of how our local government works. I understand the needs of our citizens and how to make government work for It's intended purpose, THE PEOPLE! 


I will increase community engagement by implementing participatory budgeting, which would allow residents to decide how they wish to spend roughly, $300k per year.  I would also start a State of the Ward address, so the lines of communication can remain open. 


I will work with The Vacancy Collaborative, a coalition of community, private, and city involvement.  I'll also explore creative and unconventional ways to approach vacancy. 


I will increase resources available to our youth through partnerships with mentoring programs, such as 'Project 63115', initiated by Kimberlee N. Turner Johnson.  I will work to see that schools reopen in our ward to reclaim their roles as footholds in our community.


I will work to improve police community relations in our ward, by initiating and supporting legislation that require officers to learn about the neighborhoods they patrol.  I'd also work on incentives for officers to take part in mentoring programs within the ward, as a way to build community trust and familiarity.


I can make our ward the great community it deserves to be, but I need your help to do it.  Please stand with me as I take on the challenge of running for Alderman of St. Louis City's 4th Ward. With your help, I can begin to restore resources and treat the causes for the many symptoms that plague our great community. 

Please show your support for me today by donating or volunteering to The Committee to elect Robert Dillard!